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A blog in spanglish about whatever.


why can we never remember the first few moments of falling asleep? why do we get insomnia if we think about sleeping? what is sleep trying to hide?

There are some fine pieces of cinematographic work in this world…

…And then there’s Shaolin Soccer. 

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"Hey, you!""Oh, nevermind"


"Hey, you!"
"Oh, nevermind"



when your best friend starts talking about his new empire


when your best friend betrays the jedi order


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"yeah you’ll grow out of enjoying anime eventually"


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the ULTIMATE comeback and im not playing

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Am I pretty yet?

I’m finally catching up with Breaking Bad, and I must say I’ve been waiting all this time to watch Skyler acting like the bitch everyone says she is. To my disappointment, all I’ve seen so far is a woman who’s been five fucking seasons desperately (and pretty badassly) trying to stop her family from falling apart because of her psychotic husband’s actions, and not to go insane in the process. 

So I can’t help feeling extremely preocupied about the public opinion and their understanding of the concept “bitch”.
Makes me wonder.